My love for hair and the world of beauty all started when I was six. I remembered my mother and I pulling up to her favorite salon at the time, it was called Kay's. It had a giant neon blue sign, which looked like the sparkly lights of Las Vegas. It was always so special for me to go with her because that's where the most beautiful people lined up to get their hair done. When I look back it was like something out of a Fellini film. When the stylist finished with my mom, she looked just like an Italian movie star. This is when I knew that I wanted to make people beautiful and happy!

My tenure in the business is far and wide. I have trained and worked in Beverly Hills with Vidal Sassoon as well as Glemby International, sharing techniques and skill sets with cutting edge stylists from LA to New York. My current home has been with Didi Salon for the past 5 years, where I have been able to enrich what I love to do with a wonderfully creative and supportive team.

What drives and inspires me on a daily basis is to freely utilize my natural talents, to create something of aesthetic beauty and to please the person I am creating it for!! Welcome to my world.

Available: Wednesday, every other Thursday, Saturday, and every other Sunday

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A colorful unicorn maned, bright and bubbly fireball ~10 years in the hair industry has given me a huge understanding on how I am a day maker for my clients and not just your typical “hairstylist”. Starting my career in an Aveda concept salon in Walnut Creek, CA has given me the foundation, passion and wisdom on what I need to become better at my craft. Customizing a client’s style and look to fit their lifestyle needs is what keeps my mind moving and thinking as I build upon what a client’s want and needs are. Everyone’s hair has a story to tell; I’m just adding the embellishments to make it fabulous!  

What inspires me the most in my career is the sense of satisfaction I get from my job, the many different challenges that come to sit in my styling chair and how I am able to understand and create something amazing. I learn the guidelines and rules then push and break them to the limits to make sure I fully express myself in the world of hair whether it’s a color, a haircut or a hairstyle. My favorite reaction on a client is to see them say “WOW! That is not me!” it gives me the greatest joy in knowing I’ve made my client feel a very special way.

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, every other Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and every other Sunday
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Everything is a story. 
Hair to me is a story that is ever changing. 

My hairstyle aesthetic is a little bit more "lived in". When someone sees you I want them to think, "Wow, her hair looks amazing" because a great haircut should be a woman's best kept secret. Good hair should be a part of everyone’s arsenal. I have traveled from New York to LA and have been fortunate enough to work with stellar celebrity hair stylists such as Orlando Pita, Odile Gilbert, and Oribe. I have also traversed the backstage avenues of New York Fashion week and worked at shows like Jason Wu and The Row. I believe that the right hair is the necessary finishing touch to marry with today’s fashion. Hair can also be a tool to invoke nostalgia of vintage timelessness. Whatever the direction, your hair should be about YOU.

I like to envision our first haircut together as our first date. I want to get to know your hair and I want you to end up loving it. That to me is a great hair story.

Available: Wednesday-Saturday, Every other Sunday
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